Our company provides consulting services in the field of marketing and social research as well as analysis of their results. Our specialists can help writing a request to conduct research, offer necessary research methods and create tools, calculate the sample, estimate the required budget for the research, conduct an audit of proposals and research findings. Among the priorities of the us are innovative technologies for data processing, storing and analyzing. If necessary, we will conduct processing and analysis of marketing research data, or teach you how to work with the latest technology.

The main goal pursued by us is that everyone who conducts marketing and social research should do it correctly. Only exact compliance with all the rules of research allows you to collect reliable information about the market and society on the basis of which it is possible to make marketing decisions, really developing your business.

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OCA is well-known technology for social and marketing data processing and analyzing.

To date OCA platform presents the following software technologies:
OCA MakeForm a data input module.

OCA for Windows a program designed for statistical analysis of the results of sociological and marketing surveys.

OCA New Line an advanced shell for projects of different structures (monitoring, tracking, panels, diaries, etc.). It has a simple and user-friendly interface, an ability to generate reports for previously described patterns, supports not only the OCA but also the SPSS data format, and has an option of results display on the interactive index maps.

OCA New Line Technology a set of programs for data preparation and analysis in the OCA New Line shell.

OCA MakeFormPsy a program to conduct a variety of tests (e.g, psychological tests).

OCA CATI a set of programs that allows using computers for telephone polls.

OCA CAPI Android a set of programs that allows using tablets and smartphones for interviewing.

OCA Online a system that allows to host data on the Internet and analyze it using a standard browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).


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